A closer look at all the fun stuff!

"Whats included in my package?"

"What can I expect to see on the day?"

"What makes a Pretty Pamper Party so special?"

"Omg this looks so fun.. do you do these parties for us mums too?"

All great questions! Lets take a closer look into all things "Pretty PA,mper Party"! 


- A5 invitations with metallic envelopes (platinum = 8 petite = 4) 

You will receive Pretty Pamper Party invitations, printed on A5 card with a magnet on the back so they're ready to go on your friends fridge! you'll also receive beautiful high quality metallic envelopes for that extra special touch

- Pink lemonade in champagne 'glasses' with fresh strawberries

The ultimate 'grown up' moment is drinking bubbly out of a fancy glass with a strawberry on top! But don't worry, they're not actual glass, just high quality plastic!

This is simply plain lemonade with added pink food dye (2 small drops per 1.25L bottle) but its the style of glass, the strawberries and the way they're presented on a gold stand that creates the fun!

- Satin robes and salon headbands to wear for the duration of the party

Nothing says 'spa day' like your very own robe and headband!

With a variety of colours and sizes available, there's something to suit everyone's taste!

- Edible chocolate face masks with fresh cucumber for eyes

As soon as we tell the girls its edible, someone always sneaks a taste! Some even eat the whole lot! This is a simple recipe of cocoa powder, strawberry greek yoghurt and honey, so there is zero nasties and kiddie safe. The girls get to apply it to each others face (cue the hysterical giggles!) and then they're all handed fresh cucumber slices to sit back and relax. Once everyone is done with the relaxing, everyone receives a damp face washer to wipe it all away

- foot soak with muscle soothing bath salts, fresh rose petals and a mini bath bomb

- 'Pedicure' including locally made scented sugar scrub for feet and lower legs, and lotion massage for lower legs and feet

- Painted toe nails

"Its just that like, i feel like a grown up, like, its just totally awesome!" - Birthday Girl

"Oh my gosh, my legs are SO smooth!!" - PAmper Party guest

Always a favourite part of every pamper party, the 'pedicure' is the ice breaker to kick of the party, with everyone trying not to laugh as the bottom of their feet are tickled with the sugar scrub. This is finished off with painted toe nails in a colour of their choice (please note; we do NOT cut or file nails etc. We only paint them) 

- Light makeup (simple eye shadow and lip gloss)

Glitter, mattes and shimmers, OH MY! The girls love choosing their eye shadow and lip gloss colours and then checking out the finished results in the light up mirror.

- Painted finger nails

A pamper party isn't complete without gorgeous nails! Painted in a colour of their choice (Please note; we do NOT cut or file nails. We only paint them)

- Perfume

We have a selection of delicious smelling perfumes to choose from (all vegan, cruelty free!)

- "Photo booth"- use the supplied props, backdrop and beauty light to take some       fun photos to cherish for years to come (to be supervised by parents)

Let the creativity flow! piece together a fun outfit and step into the spot light for some fun snaps! All photos are supplied to host

-The birthday girl gets special treatment including a special chair, a special birthday girl robe in a different colour to the guests (variety of colours to choose fro,m), also a 'birthday girl' badge and tiara for her to keep!

- "Glam Bags" are the rolls Royce of party bags! each girl gets to choose 5 items to take home. Options include (but not limited to) lollipops, candy bracelets, sunglasses, pens that look like a nail polish, necklaces, wrist bands, rings, nail files.. . .  the list goes on! (please note that products available for selection can vary and can change without notice)

- "Do you do these parties for us mums too?

yes and no.. we don't do packages for just adults (yet. . .  watch this space!)

However, we do have "Mummy & Me" packages available. This allows mums/older friends/carers to get involved. Each "mummy" receives all the same treatments and inclusions as the rest of the party guests. The girls often enjoy choosing the colours though